Proposed services

Current SMT systems are mainly built on the data accessible on the web, but it is just a fraction of all parallel texts. Most of them still reside in the local systems of different corporations, public and private institutions, desktops of individual users. Also, building custom MT solutions is a costly process that requires lots of technical expertise; the results are proprietary and are typically not shared outside the organization that has invested in building a custom MT solution.

The core objective of Let’sMT! project is to provide innovative online MT services through sharing of parallel corpora provided by users, with emphasis on less-covered languages and specialized domains.


To fully exploit the huge potential of existing open SMT technologies we propose to build an innovative online collaborative platform for data sharing and MT building. This platform will gather public or user-provided MT training data and generate multiple MT systems by combining and prioritizing this data.


LetsMT! services will be used in several ways:
  • web portal for translating texts;
  • widget provided for free inclusion in a web-page to provide its translation;
  • browser plug-ins that allow quick access to translation;
  • integration in CAT tools, web pages and different online and offline applications.

· 2010-05-09 ·