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· 2012-08-31 ·

LetsMT! presented at Language, Technologies and the Future of Europe

On September 21, 2012 an International conference Language, Technologies and the Future of Europe was organised in Riga, Latvia. Among other presentations, mainly from the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, the LetsMT! platform was presented by Raivis Skadinš.

· 2012-10-22 ·

LetsMT! one of organisers of the Fifth Workshop on Building and Using Comparable Corpora

The 5th Workshop on Building and Using Comparable Corpora was held on 2012-05-26 as the LREC2012 post-conference full day workshop, in Istanbul, Turkey. LetsMT! project was one of the organising projects while LetsMT! partners -- Marko Tadić and Andrejs Vasiļjevs -- were the members of the workshop Ogranising Committee, while Marko Tadić was one of the editors of the Proceedings. The whole workshop was video recorded so the presentations can be watched on-line:

Philipp Petrenz, Bonnie Webber: Robust Cross-Lingual Genre Classification through Comparable Corpora

Qian Yu, François Yvon, Aurélien Max: Revisiting sentence alignment algorithms for alignment visualization and evaluation

Inguna Skadiņa: Analysis and Evaluation of Comparable Corpora for Under-Resourced Areas of Machine Translation

Andrejs Vasiļjevs: LetsMT! – Platform to Drive Development and Application of Statistical Machine Translation

Núria Bel, Vassilis Papavasiliou, Prokopis Prokopidis, Antonio Toral, Victoria Arranz: Mining and Exploiting Domain-Specific Corpora in the PANACEA Platform

Adam Kilgarriff, George Tambouratzis: The PRESEMT Project

Béatrice Daille: Building Bilingual Terminologies from Comparable Corpora: The TTC TermSuite

Aimée Lahaussois, Séverine Guillaume: A viewing and processing tool for the analysis of a comparable corpus of Kiranti mythology

Nancy Ide: MultiMASC: An Open Linguistic Infrastructure for Language Research

Poster Booster Session and Poster Booster Session 2 including:

Elena Irimia: Experimenting with Extracting Lexical Dictionaries from Comparable Corpora for: English-Romanian language pair

Iustina Ilisei, Diana Inkpen, Gloria Corpas, Ruslan Mitkov: Romanian Translational Corpora: Building Comparable Corpora for Translation Studies

Angelina Ivanova: Evaluation of a Bilingual Dictionary Extracted from Wikipedia

Quoc Hung-Ngo, Werner Winiwarter: A Visualizing Annotation Tool for Semi-Automatical Building a Bilingual Corpus

Lene Offersgaard, Dorte Haltrup Hansen: SMT systems for less-resourced languages based on domain-specific data

Magdalena Plamada, Martin Volk: Towards a Wikipedia-extracted Alpine Corpus

Sanja Štajner, Ruslan Mitkov: Using Comparable Corpora to Track Diachronic and Synchronic Changes in Lexical Density and Lexical Richness

Dan Ştefănescu: Mining for Term Translations in Comparable Corpora

George Tambouratzis, Michalis Troullinos, Sokratis Sofianopoulos, Marina Vassiliou: Accurate phrase alignment in a bilingual corpus for EBMT systems

Kateřina Veselovská, Ngãy Giang Linh, Michal Novák: Using Czech-English Parallel Corpora in Automatic Identification of It

Manuela Yapomo, Gloria Corpas, Ruslan Mitkov: CLIR - and Ontology-Based Approach for Bilingual Extraction of Comparable Documents

Amir Hazem, Emmanuel Morin: ICA for Bilingual Lexicon Extraction from Comparable Corpora

Hiroyuki Kaji, Takashi Tsunakawa, Yoshihoro Komatsubara: Improving Compositional Translation with Comparable Corpora

Nikola Ljubešić, Špela Vintar, Darja Fišer: Multi-word term extraction from comparable corpora by combining contextual and constituent clues

Robert Remus, Mathias Bank: Textual Characteristics of Different-sized Corpora

Closing of the workshop

· 2012-06-12 ·

LetsMT! and ACCURAT projects organized a joint workshop Customized Machine Translation: Platform, Tools and Application: LetsMT! cloud platform and ACCURAT tools

The LetsMT! project jointly with ACCURAT project organized a workshop Customized Machine Translation: Platform, Tools and Application: LetsMT! cloud platform and ACCURAT tools as an accompanying event to the GALA2012 conference. It was held in Monte Carlo, 2012-03-25. The whole workshop was targeted for localisation and language technology professional users where we presented the latest development of LetsMT! platform and its application in the localisation scenario. Presenters were partners from both projects while the invited speaker was Achim Ruopp from Digital Silk Road. You can read more on the workshop web page. The whole workshop was video recorded so the presentations can be watched on-line:

Andrejs Vasiļjevs (Tilde): The Quest for Better MT

Achim Ruopp (Digital Silk Road): Modern Ubiquitous Machine Translation – Threat or Opportunity?

Indra Sāmīte (Tilde): LetsMT! and ACCURAT at Your Service

Marko Tadić (Univ. of Zagreb, FFZG): ACCURAT Toolkit = More Data

Raivis Skadiņš (Tilde): LetsMT! Do-it-Yourself Demo

Gregor Thurmair (Linguatec): Creating Lexicon Entries for Narrow Domains from Comparable Corpora

Mateja Verlič (Zemanta): Using SMT in the Blogging Environment

Andrejs Vasiļjevs (Tilde): Real World Evaluation of SMT in Localization

Panel discussion: Customized MT: Truth or Myth?

· 2012-04-05 ·

LetsMT! project presented at the FLaReNet Forum 2011

In Venice, Italy, on 2011-05-26 and 2011-05-27 the FLaReNet Forum 2011 was organized by the FLaReNet project. The Forum was organised in six main sessions with up to five panelists and a couple of discussants from the audience.

The LetsMT! project was presented by Andrejs Vasiljevs as a panelist within the Session S4 "Innovation needs data", with the presentation How to Get More Data for Under-resources Languages and Domains.

· 2011-06-08 ·

LetsMT! presented at ICT-PSP info week

The Central State Office for eCroatia organised the ICT-PSP info week where ICT-PSP projects with Croatian partners were presented as examples of successful on-going activity. Among seven projects, LetsMT! was presented as one of the most interesting and dealing with much needed topic that would lead to a solution for machine translation regarding under-resourced languages and domains. The video clip from TV broadcast eHrvatska No 78, reporting on this presentation can be seen directly from YouTube.

· 2011-03-15 ·


Tilde presenting machine translation for small languages and under resourced domains at TAUS User Conference 2010

Indra Sāmīte, Baltic Director from Tilde presented experience of challenges and opportunities of working on MT for small languages and under resourced domains with a focus on Baltic Languages. The presentation was held at TAUS User Conference that took place in Portland (OR), USA from 2010-10-03 to 2010-10-06. It is also available on-line at YouTube.

· 2010-12-14 ·


LetsMT! – Towards Cloud-Based Service for MT Generation

The presentation of LetsMT! project that took place at Translingual Europe 2010 - Berlin, International Conference on Advance Translation Technology for Multilingual Europe, is available at the Video Lectures.

· 2010-11-22 ·



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· 2010-05-09 ·