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LetsMT! project accepted for demo session at the ACL2012 that will take place at Jeju Island, Republic of Korea, 8-14 July 2012.

· 2012-06-15 ·


A papers from LetsMT! partner accepted at the LREC2012 main conference:

  • Jörg Tiedemann, Dorte Haltrup Hansen, Lene Offersgaard, Sussi Olsen, & Matthias Zumpe: A distributed resource repository for cloud-based machine translation
  • Raivis Skadiņš: LetsMT!: Machine Translation Factory in the Cloud

· 2012-04-30 ·

5th BUCC workshop at LREC2012

LetsMT! will co-organise the full-day post-conference workshop at LREC2012 that will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, on 26 May 2012.

· 2012-04-10 ·

LTC 2011

The 5th Language and Technology Conference, LTC 2011 will be held in Poznań, Poland. The conference is organized by organized by the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland in cooperation with the Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation. Main conference dates: November 25–27, 2011.

· 2010-09-10 ·

Translating and the Computer 2011

The 33rd international Translating and the Computer Conference will be held in London, UK. The "Translating and the Computer Conference 2011" translation topics are in relation to translation software, terminology management systems, memory databases, and any other type of CAT tools (computer-assisted translation). Main conference dates: November 16–17, 2011.

· 2010-09-10 ·

Localisation World 2011

The Localisation World 2011 conference will be organised in Santa Clara, California, USA. The conference follows the five tracks: Global Business Best Practices, Global Web, Localization Core Competencies, Advanced Localization Management and Inside Track. Main conference dates: October 10–12, 2011.

· 2010-08-10 ·

TAUS User Conference 2011

The TAUS User Conference 2011 will be organised in Santa Clara, California, USA. The TAUS User Conference is the once-a-year, non-sponsored event focused on translation automation, localization business innovation and industry collaboration. The User Conference is combined with the TAUS Data Association Annual General Meeting. Main conference dates: October 6–7, 2011.

· 2010-07-10 ·

XIII MT Summit 2011

The 13th MT Summit will be organised in Xiamen, China by the Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation, Chinese Information Processing Society of China and Xiamen University. MT Summit XIII will feature a comprehensive program that will include research papers, reports on users' experiences, discussions of policy issues, invited talks, panels, exhibits, tutorials, and workshops. Main conference dates: September 19–23, 2011.

· 2010-07-10 ·

SlaviCorp 2011

The 2nd Conference on Slavic Corpora, SlaviCorp2011 will be held at the Centre for Advanced Academic Studies of the University of Zagreb, in Dubrovnik. The conference is organized in cooperation with the Croatian Language Technologies Society. Main conference dates: September 12–14, 2011.

· 2010-07-10 ·

RANLP 2011

The International Conference "Recent Advances in NLP", RANLP2011 will be organised in Hissar, Bulgaria by the Research Group in CL of the University of Wolverhampton, UK and LMD, Institute of Information and Communication Technologies of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Main conference dates: September 12–14, 2011; pre-conference tutorials: September 10-11, 2011; post-conference workshops: September 15-16, 2011.

· 2010-07-10 ·

MT Marathon 2011

The 6th MT Marathon will be organised in Trento, Italy by the Bruno Kessler Foundation and supported by Euromatrix and Euromatrix+ projects. Main conference dates: September 05–10, 2011.

· 2010-07-10 ·

Text, Speech and Dialogue

The 14th Text, Speech and Dialogue Conference will be organised in Plzeň, Czech Republic. Main conference dates: September 01–05, 2011.

· 2010-07-10 ·


The META-FORUM 2011 will be held at the Hotel Marriot in Budapest. Beside the invited keynote speakers and oral presentations, an exhibition of companies and projects will be organised. Main conference dates: June 27–28, 2011.

· 2010-05-10 ·

ACL-HLT 2011

The 49th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies will be held at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront in Portland, Oregon, USA. Main conference dates: June 19–24, 2011.

· 2010-05-10 ·

NooJ 2011

The annual NooJ Conference will be held at the Centre for Advanced Academic Studies of the University of Zagreb, in Dubrovnik. The conference is organized in cooperation with the Croatian Language Technologies Society. Main conference dates: June 12–14, 2011.

· 2010-05-10 ·

EAMT-2011: the 15th Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation

The 15th Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation will be held in Leuven, Belgium, May 30-31 2011 supported by the European Association for Machine Translation. The venue of the conference is the Faculty of Arts of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, and the conference is organized by the Centre for Computational Linguistics.
EAMT invites everyone interested in machine translation to participate in this conference - developers, researchers, users, professional translators, managers, marketing experts - anyone who has a stake in the vision of an information world in which language issues become transparent to the information consumer. We especially invite users to share their experiences, developers to describe what is happening in the internet marketplace, researchers looking to new capabilities, and visionaries to describe the future.
· 2011-02-01 ·

META-NET Forum: Challenges for Multilingual Europe

The first META-NET Forum will be held on November 17-18 2010 in Hotel Le Plaza, Brussels, Belgium.
META-NET is a Network of Excellence, which is forging the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance (META) through a concerted effort to build a strong European community around Language Technologies. By working together to provide grand visions and a strategic research agenda for Language Technology in Europe, META-NET is reaching out to a large community of diverse stakeholders to help foster the technological foundations of the European information society.
This event will provide a focal point for bringing together Language Technology experts from research and industry, users and also providers of Language Technology solutions, along with language communities, educators and local and European policy makers. The first steps towards building a strategic research agenda for Language Technologies will be presented at META-FORUM 2010, along with a demonstration of META-SHARE, META-NET’s open resource exchange infrastructure. This year META-FORUM will also play host to an information session detailing important information on upcoming calls from the European Commission.
LetsMT! project will be presented at the Forum with its dissemination activities describing the project results and intentions to be included in META-NET NoE.
· 2010-10-25 ·

FASSBL-7 (Formal Approaches to South-Slavic and Balkan Languages)

The Seventh International Conference Formal Approaches to South-Slavic and Balkan Languages will be held in Centre for Advanced Academic Studies, Dubrovnik, Croatia. Conference dates: October 3-6, 2010. The conference is organized by University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Institute of Linguistics together with Croatian Language Technologies Society, DCL - Institute for Bulgarian, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The conference will cover research on all aspects concerned with formal approaches to South-Slavic and Balkan languages, including, but not limited to: phonetics, phonology and morphology; word segmentation, tagging and chunking; syntax, semantics and grammars; pragmatics, discourse and dialogue; lexica and ontologies; parsing and grammatical formalisms; generation, text planning and summarization; language modeling, spoken language recognition and understanding; mathematical models of language; information retrieval and extraction, text mining, text categorisation; question answering; machine learning for natural language; multilingual processing; machine translation, machine aided translation and translation aids; computer aided language learning; speech processing; language and speech oriented applications, tools and resources.
· 2010-05-08 ·


The 48th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL2010) will be held at Uppsala University Campus in Uppsala, Sweden. Main conference, Workshops and Tutorials dates: July 11–16, 2010.
· 2010-04-30 ·


The Seventh Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC2010) will be held at Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valetta, Malta. Pre-conference Workshops: 17-18 May 2010. Main Conference: 19-20-21 May 2010. Post-conference Workshops: 22-23 May 2010..
· 2010-04-05 ·


The Fourth International Conference „Human Language Technologies – the Baltic Perspective” will be held at Riga, Latvia, October 7-8. The main aim of the conference is to provide a forum for the sharing of new ideas and recent advances in human language processing and to promote cooperation between the research communities of computer science and linguistics from the Baltic countries and the rest of the world. The conference is organized by Tilde, LU MII, ACCURAT, LetsMT!.
· 2010-04-05 ·